Monday, May 4, 2015

Spoon and Stable

April 30th

We visited this new restaurant with great expectations and we were not disappointed.  We liked the decor; lots of brick, skylights and windows.  Very light and airy.  The noise level was high and conversation was difficult at times.

We recommend the Day Boat Scallop Carpaccio with green apple, shiso, chilies, scallion vinaigrette as a starter

Our entrees included Grilled Heritage Pork with hoisin glaze, salsify, and wild mushrooms cassis.  The pork was tender and delicious.  This restaurant also serves the bone on the side, perfect for gnawing on.

Vidalia Onion Tortellini with lamb ragu, eggplant, feta cheese, pine nuts and mint.  This was beautifully presented.  The lamb ragu was succulent, the eggplant crisp and thinly sliced.

Poached Atlantic Halibut with fava beans, spring onions, preserved lemon and lobster emulsion. The halibut was properly cooked.  Very moist!  However; this dish needed more flavor.  The preserved lemon and lobster emulsion just was not enough to give this dish the zing it needed.

As a side we chose the Creamy Spinach with fried cheese curds.  Although we were concerned that the cheese curds would be State fair like, they were very tasty and crisp and the creamed spinach, what can one say, it was perfect.

Two deserts rounded out our meal.  Honey and Cream Cake with strawberries and sweetened condensed milk ice cream.  This dessert reminded us of Tres Leche Cake.  The cake was moist, not soggy.  The milk was pour over it at the table.  There could have been more strawberries and we would not have sliced them as thin.

The Chocolate and Coconut milk chocolate custard with cocoa sorbet was just ok, not terrific.  If we had not ordered the Honey and Cream Cake, this dessert would have fine.  But compared to the cake it tasted bland.

Chef Gavin Kaysen came to our table with the Black Truffle Arancini which is usually only served in the bar.  What a treat!  Our servers were attentive and knowledgeable.

We would recommend this restaurant.